Hannah is vijf jaar en komt uit Yangon, de hoofdstad van Myanmar.

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Hannah is an adorable little girl from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar.

Hannah lives with her father Joseph, mother Mary, and little sister Jasanmei. At just six months old, Mary noticed that Hannah was very ill, had bluish discoloration, and was constantly crying, but she didn’t recognize any of the symptoms.

After going to a local doctor, Hannah was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition.

Because the family could not afford the surgery she needed in nearby Thailand, Hannah’s father set out to research options online, where he found Save a Child’s Heart. On May 15, 2018, days before her fifth birthday, Hannah underwent life-saving heart surgery in Israel.

Hannah is the first child from Myanmar to be saved by Save a Child’s Heart, marking it as the organization's 57th country.

While at the Children’s Home, Hannah chatted away in English with volunteers and visitors alike. She also developed a close friendship with one-year-old Ranya, from Romania.

Back at home, Hannah’s favorite thing to do is play around on her house piano. Along with the piano, she loves to sing, dance, and do just about anything involving music.

Before her surgery, Hannah was unable to attend school, but now, with her healthy heart, she’s had the chance to start her education!

Mary hopes that one day, Hannah will grow up to become a doctor, specifically a cardiologist.