December 2016: Prime Minister of Swaziland Visited Save a Child’s Heart

The Prime Minister of Swaziland, Mr. Barnabas Sibusiso, visited Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) today at the Wolfson Medical Center and the children’s home in Holon. Prime Minister Sibusiso was accompanied by the Foreign Minister of Swaziland, the agriculture Minister, the Ambassador of Swaziland to Israel (based in Ethiopia) and the Israeli Ambassador to Swaziland Mr Arthur Lenk.

Prime Minister Sibusiso was welcomed met Dr Yitzhak Berlovich, director of the Wolfson Medical Center, who welcomed him and thanked him for the visit.

He met children from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Romania, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority. He spoke with the children and their families and wished them a quick recovery.

Prime Minister Sibusiso toured the SACH free weekly cardiology clinic for Palestinian children and met with Dr Yayu Mekonnen, a young Ethiopian surgeon taking part in the SACH training program at Wolfson. Dr Mekonnen has been training in Israel for the past five years and will return to his country next year as Ethiopia’s first pediatric cardiac surgeon.

Save a Child’s Heart hopes to bring from Swaziland to Israel in the near future five children in need of life-saving heart surgery. during his visit Prime Minister Sibusiso praised the humanitarian activity of Save a Child’s Heart and expressed his hope that the children will arrive in Israel soon to undergo open heart surgery at Wolfson.